880 Desktop Enclosure




The 880 enclosure is a 60 HP desktop enclosure designed specifically for the 880 Eurorack drum machine module.


  • Trigger inputs for all instruments
  • Instrument Select Input for dual instruments (toms/congas, rimshot/claves)
  • Global Accent Input
  • MIDI DIN output (clock only)
  • DIN SYNC24 input/output
  • RUN/STOP and CLOCK inputs/outputs
  • 4 channel sub-mixer with 1/4″ TRS send/return effect insert
  • 1/4″ balanced output
  • headphone output


Download User Guide [PDF]

Please note that there is no audio connection between the 880 and the enclosure. To use the 1/4″ audio output on the enclosure patch an output from the 880 to one of the enclosure’s 4 mixer inputs or headphone input.

The Trigger Input Interface (TII) requires at least firmware 1.1.2.


The 880 enclosure is available only via pre-order for current 880 module owners. Please email us for further information.  Prices are in $USD.

Our modules are manufactured in Toronto, Canada using local labor for panel fabrication, robotic circuit board assembly and final hand assembly and testing.