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2020 pandemic update

880 Eurorack trigger expander

We also get inquiries about a Eurorack module expander that will incorporate the trigger inputs and clock/MIDI/DIN expansion that is available in the 880 desktop enclosure. In theory, the electronics and firmware required for this module are ready and just need to be ported to a Eurorack module. In practice, the limited demand for this module may make it infeasible to produce. When ordering panels and circuit board assemblies we are faced with minimum order quantities that are unlikely to be met by the number of 880 users that want a trigger expander module. As we make and sell more 880s this may change, but for now this project is on a hiatus. If the demand for the expander can’t justify a production run then we may release an open source hardware design that could be manufactured by a third party.

UPDATE: We keep changing our minds about this. We’re working on a way to make a small run of expander modules. If you’re interested, send us an email. To keep them affordable at low volume they might have a lower quality printed circuit board (PCB) panel rather than our high quality screen printed panels. We should have more news about this by December 2020.

Other modules: 810, 820, 850

We are currently sold out of all of these modules. A few of our dealers still have stock of the 810 synth voice, 820 VCO, and 850 modulation source. After an initial production run we will only do a second run if demand warrants it. If you’re interested in any of these modules feel free to contact your favorite dealer and request that they stock it.

Open Source

System80 modules are released under a non-commercial open source license. The main intention of the open source license is to document our products for future repair and modification as well as allowing synth DIY enthusiasts to build their own. The non-commercial clause is intended to prevent people from selling our designs or their derivatives on marketplaces like eBay, Tindie, Reverb, etc. JOVE is well documented and intended for DIY builds. We have licensed PCBs and panels to be sold by Pusherman and Modular Addict. The rest of the modules have their designs available on Github, but are not currently well-documented, so consider them ‘for information purposes only’. When a project is sufficiently documented to allow a DIY build it will say so explicitly on the project’s Git page.

Finally, I occasionally get service requests for DIY JOVEs that are malfunctioning. Factory produced System80 JOVEs have a black metal panel with grey and orange print. The vast majority of DIY JOVEs have a black and gold PCB or aluminium panel. If you’ve bought a black and gold JOVE, it is a DIY version that is not covered by the System80 warranty.